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I am Jonathan Griswold your current Communications Director. 

I was born right here in Charlotte, NC and then moved to Winston-Salem. After high school I joined the United States Marine Corps and served 4 years active duty. I moved back to Charlotte in 2013 and March of 2015 I joined the Charlotte Fire Department and graduated in class 96. My first assignment was Station 41  and was there for six months. I then transferred to Station 37 for roughly a year and a half. I am currently assigned to Engine 32 "A" where I have been the past 5 and a half years. I have been a Union member since I joined the fire department. However, I have played a much more active roll the past 4 years as the communications director. As this department is growing and we as a Local are growing in solidarity, it is time for me to step in and be your Secretary.



Legislative Days in Raleigh

In May of 2018, I attended the North Carolina Legislative Days in Raleigh, NC where I built a relationship with the Mecklenburg County Representatives in both Senate and House of Representatives. The matters of discussion were the Separation Allowance Bill as well as the Cancer Legislation that is still being discussed.


IAFF Communications Training Academy

In May of 2019, I attended the IAFF Communications Training Academy in Washington, D.C. 

During this academy we were trained on how to get our message out effectively. We focused on getting our message out to our members, community, and Politicians on all levels. From this academy, here at 660 we have created our Youtube channel and our Podcast (The 7th Street Chronicles) where we have over 1,000 downloads.


PFFPNC Involvement

After returning from the Communications Academy, I worked hand in hand as one of the Charlotte Representatives to the PFFPNC. During my involvement, President Brewer was also the President of the PFFPNC. President Brewer asked me to step up and assist with planning of the PFFPNC Concert Series as well as the creation of "The Firefighter" an electronic magazine, which you can see below. During, my time as the communications director for Local 660, I have also ran as the Charlotte District Vice President for the PFFPNC. 

PFFPNC Political Training Academy

February of 2020, I attended the PFFPNC Political Training Academy. During this academy I was able to learn how to get our message out to politicians, members, and our community. We focused on getting our message to politicians about the needs of our members and to the community on voting for candidates that support our members and what we stand for. During this training I was able to utilize the training from the Communications Training Academy and create a video for the PFFPNC Political Training Academy.


Local 660 Involvement

As your communications director, I have played a huge part in the creation of our podcast, and maintaining all of our social media platforms. Over the years being involved in Local 660 I have helped organize events such as the chili cook-off, the comedy night with Travis Howze, the hockey night after party, and many other events. I have also been involved in the organizing committee to help grow the membership of Local 660. I have been one of the driving members of the station visits. I also attended the IAFF 55th Convention and served as a delegate for the Local 660.



As your Secretary, I will be prompt, accessible, and efficacious. Communication is one of the most important aspects of being the Secretary. I will create a plan to make an effective communications team and continue to inform our members of current events and important information.

As a current seated member of the organizing committee, I want to inflate the membership of Local 660. I will assist in the creation of a plan to re-engage with recruit classes, as there has been barriers in the past that can be overcome. I will be visiting stations again when the current pandemic allows us to. Station visits with Local 660 is where we prevailed the most.

Currently we are holding monthly meetings at The Palmer Building. As your Secretary, I will create a plan to still host a monthly Town Hall. We will host these monthly Town Halls via ZOOM. Covid has be tough but it has taught us a lot and helped modernize Local 660. In person meetings would still occur but these meetings will be quarterly meetings, so that we can all take care of business that needs to be addressed in person.


Contact Me

Email: griswoldlocal660@gmail.com

Phone: 336-692-9676